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Leading supplier of rotary-type positive-displacement compressors Since 1974, Roots Systems Ltd has been supplying rotary-type positive-displacement compressors (also known as ‘roots-type blowers’ or ‘vacuum boosters’) to many leading process companies and contractors worldwide.

source url Roots Systems Ltd excel in the design and assembly of custom packages for challenging environments and has built up an unrivalled experience in a wide variety of applications and operating conditions.

see url We carry out the complete design, manufacture, assembly, inspection and testing in the UK.

Each one of our compressor packages involves one or more of our four principal areas of expertise

source site Process Gases Our go here oil-free compressors comply with go site API Standard 619 and can handle corrosive, flammable, radioactive and toxic gases for process applications both onshore and offshore. Our packages are designed with the protection of your process, personnel and equipment in mind. We can supply you with all the necessary safety features and instrumentation for monitoring, alarm and shut down.

source Hazardous Areas

We supply packages that conform to the Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres Directive (ATEX) for use in hazardous areas.


Special Materials

We offer a How To Get Viagra Prescription in Midland Texas wide range of materials and paint systems which we can recommend for you according to the corrosiveness of both the process gas and the surrounding atmosphere, combined with your operating pressures and temperatures.

High Pressures

We can supply compressors that can operate at pressures over 150 bar (2175 psi). Our single-stage Duragas compressors can generate differential pressures of up to 4½ bar (65 psi). We supply multi-stage compressor packages for higher differential pressures.

Unrivalled experience

High Specification

We routinely supply packages that meet the high specifications demanded by the petrochemical, offshore (oil and gas) and nuclear industries, such as API and ASME.

high specification machinery


Our sealing arrangements can prevent process gas from escaping and/or contaminants from entering the process gas, according to your requirements. Our gas-tight compressors handling some of the most dangerous gases, such as hydrogen sulphide (‘sour service’) are safe and reliable.

Top-end Design and Engineering

Qualified engineers design the blowers and packages using computer selection programs and the latest 3D CAD technology. This ensures optimum selection of blowers and ancillary equipment and the prompt submission of correct documentation.

3D cad technology


Offshore/Oil and Gas

Energy / Power Generation

Chemical and Petrochemical

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