Duragas Process Blowers

Roots Crude Oil Vapour
This range of heavy duty process blowers is available in a wide variety of sizes, configurations, materials and sealing arrangements to suit all gases and vapours including toxic, corrosive and explosive. Static pressures to 1500 psi g (100 bar g) and pressure differentials of 45 psi (3 bar) can be handled depending on the gas and the number of blower stages. Capacities are available up to 25000 cfm (42500 m3/hr).

The choice of material is determined by the application and includes, stainless steel, aluminum bronze, titanium, cast iron, S.G iron, carbon steel and haste-alloy.

Alternative shaft seals are available to suit most applications and include:

  • Dry Gas (Mechanical)
  • Tandem or Double Oil Filled Mechanical
  • Labyrinth
  • Teflon Lip
  • Ferrofluidic (Magnetic Fluid)


Roots Systems custom packages are designed and engineered using the latest CAD technology reducing time and cost. The packages can include drives, silencers, heat exchangers, acoustic enclosures, full instrumentation, control gear, valving and complete piping systems.