High Pressure Boosters


Davy John Brown Pty for HRL Projects Pty. Coal Gasification Facility, Australia. Similar equipment supplied to BP Research, British Gas Research, Hafner Switzerland, UKAEA Harwell, Air Products, Fine Organics


Cooling Gas Recycle Blower with rated flow of 4950 Nm3/h of Nitrogen and mixed hydrocarbons boosted from 23.43 bar g and 225°C to 24 bar g and 231°C


  • Model 608-CS-VPLPX Heavy Duty Blower
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Hermetically sealed gas tight machine with sealess magnetic shaft coupling
  • Nitrogen purge system
  • 15kW variable speed drive motor certified for zone 1 hazardous area
  • Water cooled lubrication system
  • Complete skid mounted package

high pressure
high pressure2