Off Shore Air Scour Blowers


Baker Hughes Process Systems for O.N.G.C. of India. SHW Platform fine filter package. Similar equipment supplied to Phillips Petroleum, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Serck Baker and Plenty Metrol.


Duty/standby corrosion resistant Air Blowers are each rated at 405 Nm3/h at a discharge pressure of 0.7kg/cm2g


  • Model 310-AB-HVLVL Air Blower
  • Constructed with aluminium bronze casing and rotors with a K Monel shaft
  • Cu/Ni 90/10 Silencers
  • Aluminium bronze pressure relief valve
  • High specification off shore paint finish
  • 18.5kW Drive Motor suitable for Zone 2 Hazardous area
  • Skid mounted package