PSA VSA Blowers and Vacuum Pumps


Air Products Ltd for Pernis Hyco in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Many similar packages have been supplied to such companies as AGA of Sweden, Sumitomo Seika Chemicals from Japan, Abu Dhabi National Oil Corporation and BOC


Two 3 Stage Carbon Monoxide Vacuum Pump Packages each driven by a 380 kW variable speed motor. Operation is cyclic with the suction pressure varying from 60 mbar a to 1000 mbar a. Discharge pressure is held constant at 1500 mbar a.


  • Carbon Steel Heavy Duty Construction
  • Double Mechanical Gas Seals with Seal Water Flush
  • Acoustic Enclosures with CO Gas Sensor
  • Spray Injection Water Cooling
  • Electrically Certified for Zone 1 Hazardous Area

psa vsa