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go here Our compressor seals are designed either to stop process gas from escaping, to stop contaminants from entering the process, or both.

follow url We can offer gas-tight compressors when needed.

here We can recommend a sealing arrangement according to your requirements.

gas-tight compressors

Shaft Seals (Dynamic Seals) Our compressors can be fitted with a combination of the following seals. Seals can generally be either single or dual.

  • see Carbon Ring Seal


  • rencontres picardie aisne Wet mechanical seal (water or oil lubricated)
    We can offer a high-pressure barrier system in accordance with API 682 seal plans 53B (self-circulating) and 54 (pumped).
  • go here Magnetic Drive Coupling
    A hermetic seal is formed by the can (membrane) of the mag’ drive. The compressor is said to be ‘sealless’ at the drive shaft.

Static Seals

Gaskets and O-rings

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