Vapour Return Boosters


JGC Corporation of Japan for Petronas LPG. Extraction Project, Bintula, Malaysia. Similar equipment supplied to Hyundai-Korea BP Sullom Voe Terminal, Antwerp Gas Terminal and JGC for ADNOC.


Three vapour return boosters each to handle –43°C Propane or – 7°C Butane up to 3400 m3/h with a maximum pressure rise of 0.75 bar.


  • Model 816-LT-HSLSTM heavy duty gas tight
  • API 619 Blower
  • Low temperature carbon steel construction
  • Tandem mechanical shaft seal
  • 120kW rated explosion proof motor
  • Variable speed flow control
  • Synthetic lubrication
  • Pumped and heated oil system
  • Complete skid mounted package

vapour return1
vapour return2