More and more energy companies around the world are seeing the benefits of Roots Systems’ gas blower packages as they move towards their goal of achieving a ‘net zero’ carbon footprint.


Renewable energy sources are available in abundance all around us. Those provided by the sun, wind and water are replenished by nature and emit little to no greenhouse gases or pollutants into the air. A key requirement of any method of electrical energy production is the ability to match energy supply with energy demand. One of the criticisms directed towards many of the renewable energy sources is that they are highly intermittent and that there will be periods of little or no supply when demand may be high. The energy industry has come up with several methods of storing electrical energy so that it can be made available at a later time. ‘Green hydrogen’, resulting from the electrolysis of water, is one such method used by solar and wind farms for storing energy. The hydrogen produced can be added to the natural gas supply or used as a fuel for cars. Roots Systems is the leading supplier of hydrogen blowers, having supplied many hydrogen blowers and hydrogen blower packages over the past 40 years for various applications. Other methods of energy storage include gas compression and lithium batteries. Roots Systems is working with various licensors and contractors across the globe on applications such as these.


There are other alternatives to fossil fuels such as heat from the earth, and waste heat and waste gases from industrial processes. These are not ‘renewable’ but are nevertheless viable long-term energy sources, and recovery of waste heat and waste gases has obvious environmental benefits. Mechanical vapour recovery is a process to recover waste heat. For example, whilst steam is often created deliberately, sometimes it is an unintended by-product of some other process since, when water is heated, some of the water will evaporate, carrying valuable energy with it. The heat can be recovered by passing the steam through a heat exchanger. Roots Systems supplies blower packages for this purpose.


Carbon dioxide recovery is another application for which Roots Systems has supplied various blower packages. Hydrogen can be reacted with ‘captured’ carbon dioxide to produce methanol; converting a waste product into a fuel.

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