No matter what the ‘colour’ of your hydrogen – black, blue, brown, green, grey, pink or turquoise – our blowers can handle it.

Hydrogen is the fuel with the highest energy content per weight. The density of hydrogen in atmospheric conditions is only at 90 g/m³ (0.005 lb/ft3). To achieve usable levels of energy density, efficient compression of hydrogen is essential. Roots Systems has many years of experience in the design of hydrogen compressor systems and can offer you a fully tailor-made solution for your hydrogen compression need. Our blowers are used to handle hydrogen in many manufacturing process, whether hydrogen be the end product, or whether it be a reactant.

‘Green hydrogen’, resulting from the electrolysis of water, is a method used by solar and wind farms for storing energy when energy supply exceeds demand. The hydrogen produced can be added to the natural gas supply or used as a fuel for cars.

Hydrogen can be reacted with ‘captured’ carbon dioxide to produce methanol; converting a waste product into a fuel.

Hydrogen is used to cool electrical generators in the power industry. Our blowers are used to circulate this hydrogen around hydrogen-dryer circuits.

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