Drying of Natural Gas

Natural gas is often stored in underground reservoirs where it becomes wet. Before it can be introduced into the mains supply it must first be passed through a dryer circuit. Because of the large quantities involved, the gas is compressed to a high pressure (tens of bar). Roots Systems supplies high-pressure circulators for this purpose.

Generator Cooling

Everyone knows that a flow of air can be used for cooling, as with fans in our homes and offices, but air is not always appropriate for cooling in industry. Electricity generators are cooled with low-pressure hydrogen. The generator is immersed in hydrogen and a blower is used to circulate the hydrogen. Hydrogen is preferred over other gases because of its low density, which means there is less drag.

During the cooling process, the hydrogen becomes wet and needs to be passed through a dryer. Roots Systems has a range of blowers for circulating hydrogen around the cooling-drying circuit.

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