• There are many different possible sealing arrangements and combinations of sealing methods that we can supply.
  • Duragas machines are ‘oil free’ as standard, preventing lube oil from entering the process gas stream.
  • We will supply a sealing method that will prevent the process gas from contaminating the lube oil, if that is necessary.
  • We can offer you a gas-tight machine that will not allow process gas to escape to the atmosphere, if that is what you want, and we can verify that by means of a helium leak test.
  • We can offer you a sealing method that will not allow contamination of your process gas.
  • We will recommend the sealing method that best suits your requirements.

Shaft Seals (Dynamic Seals) and Support Systems

Our Duragas machines can be fitted with a combination of the following seals. Seals can generally be either single or dual. Two independent sealing systems can be deployed for dangerous gases.

Lip Seal

Labyrinth Seal

Carbon Ring Seal

Wet Mechanical Seal (Double Only)

We can offer a pressurised liquid barrier system in accordance with API 682 seal plan 53B (self-circulating), or plan 54 (pumped) if required.

Dry Mechanical Seal

For double dry mechanical seals we can offer a pressurised gas barrier system in accordance with API 682 seal plan 74

Magnetic Drive Coupling

A hermetic seal is formed by the containment shell (can / membrane / shroud) of the mag’ drive. The compressor is said to be ‘sealless’ at the drive shaft. Compliance with API Standard 685 is available. We also offer a leakage-detection system for high-pressure applications.

Gas Tight Compressor

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